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Changed Online/Offline status looks on board

Been meaning to change this a while, changed the standard buttons to designate a user's online status from and to and .  Also, I changed the wording from "Online" and "Offline" to "Alert, Humanoid Online" and "Humanoid is Offline".


To make the change of the online icon, I simply replaced the useron.gif and useroff.gif files in the /default/images folder.  To change the wording, I edited the index.english.php in the /default/languages folder and replaced the words where the code reads

$txt['online']  = 'Online'; 


$txt['offline'] = 'Offline';

changing the part in single quotes on the right side.

Also changed the website favicon back to the black and blue SG that I originally had.  Also edited the meta keywords, noticing that by default they are all related to SMF.

"PHP, MySQL, bulletin, board, free, open, source, smf, simple, machines, forum" 

No... I don't need to promote SMF any more.  Changed keywords to promote Specialty Gamer.

"Specialty Gamer, Talk Boards, video game, games, classic, retro, Brian Moy, NWCGE, Portland, Northwest, Oregon, collector"
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