WoW raids – a story of struggle and anger

WoW raids are one of the most prestigious activities gamers have ever embarked upon!

Why have WoW raids become incredibly annoying?

As we all know, WoWs raiding environment has changed over the past couple of years. The introduction of professional raiders, people who receive salaries for clearing out Mythic raids, changed the way Blizzard designs the raids. In an eternal struggle to present their game as a hard-to-beat one, Blizzard keeps creating their raids with these professional raiders in mind. On the other hand, World of Warcrafts population is more casual than ever. I believe you can spot the problem here. Blizzard has stopped designing their raids for the majority of it’s population.

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How can a regular “Joe” defeat the WoW Raids?

Most logical answer to that is – Wait until it’s been nerfed into the ground. However, that doesn’t sound fun at all! These professional raiders account for less than 0.001% of the games population, yet they get exactly what they want. Harder raids, higher qualifications to entry, longer grinds, extremely high time investment and so on and so on. On the other hand, there are easier levels of difficulty such as normal and heroic. A toddler can queue in LFR and defeat those difficulties, as we all know. So the gratification of defeating the highest level difficulty content is either prolonged until significant nerfs or taken away completely from the majority of players.

Why is Blizzard doing this to the WoW raids?

Simply put, there are good earnings from these pro raiders that do WoW raids. That’s a part of Blizzards philosophy, I will never understand. The eternal conquest to become an e-sport. Large number of players who enjoy the game and e-sports. You cannot have both of them in a MMORPG.

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What’s our alternative?

We have resorted to farming normal and heroics until the next raid tier drops. Then, we can finally enter Mythic and always be 1 raid tier behind. On the other hand, we can devote our lives to doing WoW raids and let our social and professional lives take the hit. Either way, this shouldn’t be the case. It was fine in Vanilla, where the world was the actual content. However, later expansions are end-game centric. If you aren’t raiding and dungeoning at a high level, you are missing out on 30% of the content you are paying for.

Thinking outside the box

You cannot enter a good guild that progresses without good gear and achievements. But you cannot get that if you don’t raid. My solution to this has been buying WoW raid boost. It’s not the most honest of tasks, but I am tired of being left behind. For a small price, I get to experience the raid and get all the gear I need to later do it regularly. Other than get better, i cannot give you better advice. However, I can recommend you guys to a site I’ve been using for these activities. I use For less than a days of work wage, I can experience the game as I should’ve. Yes, we shouldn’t resort to this but… nothing we can do at the moment.

If you choose to go by my road, be careful. I got scammed once or twice before I stumbled on to battleboost. Hopefully, Blizzard will change their mindset regarding their games soon.

Raiding in WoW is the most gratifying activity available. Make sure to join!

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